01. He [developed] a bad rash on his hands after touching a plant he is allergic to.
02. I saw a book which had incredible photos showing the [development] of a baby inside its mother's womb.
03. Birth rates in the [developing] countries have not shown a significant decrease, despite their governments' attempts to introduce contraception.
04. His reading skills will [develop] a little more quickly now that he is getting extra attention.
05. War will not stop until people in the [developing] countries are properly fed and housed.
06. Sony has [developed] a new portable CD player which also plays DVD movies.
07. They sold their land to a [developer] who built a bunch of condominiums on the property, and then sold them for millions of dollars in profit.
08. There is an Argentinean proverb which states that a man who [develops] himself is born twice.
09. Karen Horney once observed that there is no good reason why we should not [develop] and change until the last day we live.
10. Killer whales have well-[developed] eyesight both below and above water.
11. Half the foods eaten throughout the world today were [developed] by farmers in the Andes Mountains.
12. Male chum salmon [develop] a hooked-jaw during the spawning season.
13. In the [developing] world, a total of 1.3 billion people live on $1 a day or less.
14. Hinduism [developed] in Northern India more than 3000 years ago.
15. Early visitors to China marveled at the country's wealth and [development].
16. It is essential to [develop] alternate energy sources before all our natural resources are consumed.
17. All Greeks are aware of the tremendous role their ancestors played in the [development] of Western civilization.
18. Call a hospital immediately if signs of a severe allergic reaction [develop] soon after you have been bitten or stung by an insect or spider.
19. In geological terms, Mars represents an intermediate phase in planetary [development] which is transitional between a body like our moon and a planet like Earth.
20. The Earth's surface fluids are of prime importance in the origin and [development] of our planet's landscape.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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